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The Floating Bike by Karim Zariffa

Confira esse belo projeto do designer Karim Zariffa, para marca Yota, fornecedora de rede 4G na Rússia. Fiquei fascinado por esse trabalho criativo, com um incrível apelo visual.

Sobre esse projeto, Zariffa explica:

"Yota is 4G network provider in Russia, they asked me to create a piece with the only demand of having 2 blue dots. Those dots are part of their logo branding.

I was inspired by those bicycle you see in asia packed with stuff. Like a dollar store on wheels. Also got inspired by a small local trend in Mexico where kids "pimp" up their BMX. I mixed up those two inspiration and that's what I came up with.

Then I turned everything upside down, to make everything float !! Like a gravity problem. They are using the 2 images, hanging upside down with everything floating and the other one, with everything not upside down."

Credits are :

Client : Yota
Concept and design by : Karim Charlebois-Zariffa
Photo: Simon Duhamel
Photo assistant : Nik Mirrus
Retouch : Visual Box
Production : Eloi
Intern : Gabrielle Matte

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